Do I have to lead an activation?

What should the activation I lead include? Do I have to do all of the activations? I feel called to attend but live so far away that I can’t possibly assemble camping stuff or an rv, what should I do? How many people will there be, what is the schedule? What will we eat? What will the weather be like? What is the bug situation? Can I bring psychoactive substances or alcohol?What can I do to prepare?

Can I bring my dog/cat/kid/friend/significant other?

No dogs. No cats. No pets. Nova Gaia is a wild space committed to maintaining that wildness.

As for any people other than yourself: if they are ready to take part in most of the activations and lead one themselves and can hold harmonic space they are welcome to come. If they are half-hearted, unfocused, prone to dissonance or coming because it sounds cool or you want them to this is not the time to include them. This will be a space for serious and dedicated souls who know their own path well and can hold consistent unified space with others.