If you are ready to co-create new earth with the crystals, water, trees, mountains and harmonious souls during this potent solar eclipse join the event at Nova Gaia

Most sleeping spaces will be outside. There is limited indoor shared space and a few campers available for an extra fee. There will be large communal indoor meeting space, outside toilets and an indoor and outdoor communal kitchen. It is up to you to make your sleeping arrangements. Bring your own tent or 21ft or less camper (no hookups provided). There will be alot of solo travellers: if you have space to share there will be a group page for discussion

More details will be provided soon.

The sooner you reserve the more we can begin to create the morphic field together

Self provided sleeping arrangements donation is $500

The additional fee for sleeping inside or a provided camper will be announced soon

$500 to reserve your spot, fully refundable until Feb 1, if you cancel from Feb 1- May 15th half will be refunded. No refunds after May 15th

Reserve early, space is limited and the Journey will fill up